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any day is a perfect day for shoe shopping

yes, it’s true.. any day is a perfect day for shoe shopping.. and especially today :) if shoes are 30% of it’s previous price it’s a sin not to get them :)

my new leather shoes from zara.. around 35 euro :)



last week on instagram

Two of my new things … I was hunting for some nice belts form ZARA last few weeks since they  have sale… and finally I got one – ZARA leather belt with bull skull discounted from around 30 euro to around 5 euro… btw.. it looks like Wacken logo… hmm… maybe next year Wacken? :)


and shoes… totally not planned… I mentioned some time ago that I would like to get grey and higher once but I kind of forgot about it and didn’t really plan to get them… but… I went yesterday with my boyfriend to search for sport shoes, he got some really nice La Sportiva.. and on the way back we stepped in to one more shop.. I put it on my feet those black pair of shorter mojito and just couldn’t go away without them :))


Lately I try to eat really healthy.. no coca-cola, no white bread, no potatoes… this salat from BILLA is really great – and only 1 euro!


mess on the streets… we start to think more and more about moving west…


30 minutes show at Wacken :( I think Lemmy is not feeling so great… Let’s hope he will get better soon!


Poster… I really liked it at the concert in Poland and Bucharest… but… it was just not possible to carry poster around Iron Maiden concert… so I didn’t get it and now I need to find it online! :)


free mind at ZARA sale

I think tomorrow I will do short trip to ZARA to check it out… if it’s as cheap as they write on their website (around 8-10 euro) I will get this “iron maiden and ac/dc” inspired t-shirt

Brown Baggin’ It

have one from ZARA and I like it.. but when I put more things than just a wallet and keys inside it doesn’t stay closed… those magnets which holds it closed are not strong enough… so it’s very very nice.. looks great but it’s not to practical..

wandering muses

So first there was this:


Obviously I’d never spend $300 on a paper bag. But other designers responded with their own, leather versions. We have these by Anve:

This one by Stampd is leather…just in case you want to keep your forties both stylish and cozy:


Then there’s Marie Turnor. She’s got loads of styles. They are clearly unisex. And not ridiculous at all:

Zara‘s latest one is cheaper than all of them. There aren’t as many options in terms of size, shape and what-have-you, but at only $36…clearly not as painful a purchase to make.

I still think this is my favorite:


Until soon:


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band t-shirts in Zara kids collection

There are some nice t-shirts for kids in new ZARA collection. I think big size can fit for grow up girl, too.

(click image to go to ZARA website)






wish list – necklace from ZARA



zara.com (click photo to go to ZARA website)

one more nice gift I got

Today at work (because of my yesterday’s Birthday) I got this bag with studs from Zara… I like it a lot! :)
© Aga Luczakowska

© Aga Luczakowska

something I will never wear

Do you have something you will (probably) never wear?

I do have something like this… and it’s something I really like.  I got those shoes one year ago on sale in ZARA. I think I paid for them around 79 ron (more or less 15 euro), before before sale they were way more than 200 ron (50 euro).

They are so beautiful…but.. I am 178 cm tall and I was never wearing high heels in my life… I think eternity will pass until I will learn how to walk in it…


my zara shoes

wish list… no no no… again

I should promise myself not to surf on internet…

My boyfriend thinks it’s kitschy… but I love skulls… I can not do anything about that… I just like this glass…would be perfect for wine…


ZARA glass

hmm… we were just checking those shoes online today… actually it was him who wants to get similar to those… but I saw them once in the shop, and I want them too… but… I JUST HAVE TOO MANY SHOES… just too many… I think it will not be to smart to get them…



and of course Roadkill by Pep Bonet … I am waiting when regular (regular meaning not so expensive as it is now – 99Euro) version will be available… actually I hope to get it as my birthday gift :)


Motorhead Roadkill by Pep Bonet

and… one more thing not for me…but I just started to search for it…  I don’t know where to find similar hat to the one Django had in Tarantino’s movie.. it would be perfect gift for my boyfriend’s birthday… he wants something more in Lemmy style.. but I think this one is better…

if any of you know where to find it, let me know, please…


Django (2012)

wish list

I want my salary!!!.. so I can get..

I already have one mirror like this but I want to put one more next to the entrance…
and I want this bag!…


basic messenger bag from zara

+ tickets for: Roger Waters, Joe Satriani and Eric Martin (from Mr. Big)