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wish list…

SHOES! from Wojas!

wojas1 newshoes jas2wo


wish list

… there are a two things I would really like to get…
fossil watch… I can not decide which color I like more… I think brown is nicer, but from the other hand I do not wear brown things, so black would fit better…



and those GREAT ring from The Great Frog… it’s so expensive that I can look only for something similar… :(


wish list … shoes!

I want shoes (cutout boots) like this! Where to get?


hmm…unif hat

I was for a very long time against hats :) … and still I think it doesn’t look so great.. but considering upcoming summer concerts and festival I started to regret that I do not have one… this one from UNIF is nice.. back in stock at Nasty Gal .. but soooo expensive…

(click image to go to online store)


yes… metallica and motorhead shoes

Yes, I want those shoes! …. but I have no idea where to get them…

metallica motorhead


wish list – necklace from ZARA



zara.com (click photo to go to ZARA website)


wish list – Motley Crue t-shirt

Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood t-shirt available at online store http://www.shopbop.com/


wish list – wedge sneakers

hmm.. black wedge sneakers from Pull and Bear…

I would say… life is short buy those damn shoes ;)



here one photo I found on Pinterest…


wish list – Bomber Motorheadphönes

buy or not to buy, that is the question

hmm… a few weeks ago I posted some video from Motorheadphönes conference and I wrote that I would never get them because they are so expensive… later I was considering getting someday in future Earphönes… but I am not fan of this kind of product… I prefer to put it on my head instead of into the ear…

so… hmm… now I am wondering if I should actually get Motorheadphönes or not…
I will have birthday in two weeks and it became one more reason to get it… I also found some very good price of it… around 68 euro for Boomber version…and I was extremely surprised to find them in Romania and even cheaper than in UK… most of the time electronics are much more expensive here and some of the products are hard to get…

very hard decision to make.. if there were 50 euro I wouldn’t think to much, I would just get them… from the other hand.. why does 18 euro make such big difference?… I can save it any other way… for example – eat less and cheaper for a while :)

There are not so great reviews of this headphones but still… it’s Motörhead…

so…  after work… I will more than probably go to check them out/get them…


wish list… no no no… again

I should promise myself not to surf on internet…

My boyfriend thinks it’s kitschy… but I love skulls… I can not do anything about that… I just like this glass…would be perfect for wine…


ZARA glass

hmm… we were just checking those shoes online today… actually it was him who wants to get similar to those… but I saw them once in the shop, and I want them too… but… I JUST HAVE TOO MANY SHOES… just too many… I think it will not be to smart to get them…



and of course Roadkill by Pep Bonet … I am waiting when regular (regular meaning not so expensive as it is now – 99Euro) version will be available… actually I hope to get it as my birthday gift :)


Motorhead Roadkill by Pep Bonet

and… one more thing not for me…but I just started to search for it…  I don’t know where to find similar hat to the one Django had in Tarantino’s movie.. it would be perfect gift for my boyfriend’s birthday… he wants something more in Lemmy style.. but I think this one is better…

if any of you know where to find it, let me know, please…


Django (2012)