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Metallica Antarctica


my new Metallica t-shirt

I got … almost got (I haven’t seen it yet, I saw it only on this photo which I got today) … a new Metallica t-shirt :) from my boyfriend.. I hope I will see it… and wear it tomorrow! :)


after the weekend

Lately I have not so much time to post a lot of things on blog… sorry for that… I will try my best in the next days…
On weekend my boyfriend and I have been in the cinema at Metallica Through The Never 3d movie… for me it was like Metallica’s concert I have never been at… or even better… I did really enjoy it and I can not wait when the movie (maybe lets call it concert with movie elements) will be on DVDs so I can see it over and over again…
For me there are no weak points in it.. I didn’t enjoy everything…


cinema booked!

I have been for a few days abroad… but I am back!
Places for Metallica movie are booked! We will see Through The Never on Saturday evening! :)

Seems like we are only people in such rush to book places before…


Through The Never

I just checked today Through The Never website and seems like the movie will be be available in Imax in Romania on Sept 27 and on October 4th in all cinemas! :)


Jesus Saves

You go to the church, you kiss the cross
You will be saved at any cost
You have your own reality
You spend your life just kissing ass

Anthrax at Woodstock Festival 2013

starts at around 18 min… so many people…

new ‘Metallica Through The Never’ trailer

new Annihilator song

seen in band t-shirts – Michelle Rodriguez

Yesterday I have seen Machete and today while I was checking images from this movie I saw some image from the premiere of Machete where Michelle Rodriguez playing “She” has Metallica t-shirt :)


and Machete movie trailer…