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hmmm… h&m selling Motothead t-shirt

yes, it’s true.. motorhead t-shirts found in h&m store… I was it and I couldn’t believe my own yes.. and of course I had to buy it!


The Rolling Stones t-shirt at Mango

While checking Mango website today, I found this The Rolling Stones t-shirt :)


Kiss on sale

I found today info on FB that there is sale in forever21 and there are some Kiss t-shirts.

The only two I found on website are those two (click image to go to website) .. I suppose the rest is already sold out.

kiss kiss1

wish list…

yeah.. no way to get it before the salary… anyway, I can dream :) (click image to go to websites)


shirt from Mango…



t-shirt from Affliction…



and one more shits from Mango


I am glad I don’t have money…

… there is possibility that until I get money I will think more clear and stop myself from getting one of those t-shirts…
anyway… just to let you know, in Bershka there are quite nice t-shirts (click image to go to their website)…

3 2 1

Seen in band t-shirt – Kate Moss


Seen in band d t-shirt – Behati Prinsloo

Don’t ask me who this girl is… I have no idea… but lately I see her everywhere on the same photo, in this same t-shirt. Apparently she is famous to get engaged with Adam Levine who… I don’t have idea who he is  :)))

Anyway…. girl been in band t-shirt :)

(and again as always, I found this photo on pinterest, if anyone is offended that I use it, if you find the author, I can easily delate this post or put copyrights)



Metallica Mickey on sale

sales.. sales.. everywhere.. and I have no money…

this cute mickey mouse is only 9 euro! click image to go to http://www.forever21.com

seen in band t-shirts – Michelle Rodriguez

Yesterday I have seen Machete and today while I was checking images from this movie I saw some image from the premiere of Machete where Michelle Rodriguez playing “She” has Metallica t-shirt :)


and Machete movie trailer…

my new purchase – Pantera t-shirts

Last month I was really careful with my expenses… Soon I will travel to Poland (including Iron Maiden concert) and later -in November – I go to Dortmund for Black Sabbath concert … a few concerts in Romania (Iron Maiden, Roger Waters.. and I am sure some more that I have no idea about yet)… so there will be quite a lot of money I will need to put into it… so…last money = almost.. yes, almost no shopping :) (a few weeks ago I got earings for less than 5 euro, but I will make another post about it soon… yes.. god saves and I spend ;))

Yesterday I got two Pantera t-shirts which I will see not earlier than in 3 weeks. One is for me and one for my boyfriend.


the one I got for my boyfriend


Pantera t-shirt I got for myself

and here is one I really liked to get for my boyfriend but he didn’t like it so much… but imo is awesome!


You can get all those t-shirts at Pantera store which is a bit expensive or at Good Rock shop (same t-shirts which Pantera store has for 25 dolars here you can get for max 18 dolars; also shipping is much cheaper).