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I am glad I don’t have money…

… there is possibility that until I get money I will think more clear and stop myself from getting one of those t-shirts…
anyway… just to let you know, in Bershka there are quite nice t-shirts (click image to go to their website)…

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W:O:A t-shirts arrived!

Our Wacken 25-th anniversary t-shirts (which were available to buy only with tickets) arrived today! The one I got L girlie size is a bit too big, but I like it!
I was waiting so long! Finally they arrived!

Metallica Mickey on sale

sales.. sales.. everywhere.. and I have no money…

this cute mickey mouse is only 9 euro! click image to go to http://www.forever21.com

Yosemite Lemmy

I just ordered as the anniversary gift for my boyfriend and … myself :)  this cool t-shirts with Chris Wahl’s Yosemite Lemmy you can find on REDBUBBLE website…

Chris Wahl’s portfolio you can find under link http://chriswahlart.blogspot.ro/

and here is one more drawing of Lemmy…


seen in band t-shirts – Michelle Rodriguez

Yesterday I have seen Machete and today while I was checking images from this movie I saw some image from the premiere of Machete where Michelle Rodriguez playing “She” has Metallica t-shirt :)


and Machete movie trailer…

sale at Dolls Kill

There is 20% sale at Dolls Kill online store…
some nice t-shirts I found there.. click on image to go to the store





h&m …

H&M has new collection called “Rock Festival Collection”… here is video promoting it…

I don’t like music in it and that everyone is hugging each other … but maybe I am missing something and it’s what “rock festival” is about :)))
…but… they have some nice clothes… I got this union jack flag t-shirt for less than 5 euro… and we are searching for shorts for my boyfriend with same union jack flag which I saw on H&M website, but I didn’t see in the shops yet…



I am aslo thinking about getting this “poncho”… each “poncho” looks kitschy but after last rain in Sofia at the festival I am wondering if it’s not some kind of solution since umbrellas are not allowed most of the time…


some nice t-shirts I found online

all of them found on http://www.forever21.com

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which Metallica t-shirt should I choose?

I don’t know which one should I choose… I need help!

I like the most Master of Puppets but I already have too many black t-shirts and summer in Romania is hell.. 40 C degrees. .. so.. should I go for a grey one? .. but I also have a lot of t-shirts with skulls… hmm.. the white one would be the best for summer… but still I like black one and grey one a lot, too!

What is your vote?




spring wardrobe cleaning

Spring came…wrong… it’s 30 degrees each day… so no… Summer came and it’s time to put winter clothes away and make place for all my t-shirts, shorts and skirts… yesterday was labor day.. holiday to slow down and rest… but I feel exhausted. Yesterday was Ikea and cleaning day for me.. ok… plus cinema (Iron Man 3)…