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If you feel happy it’s a great song to listen. if you are not – it will make you happy!

I haven’t post anything since a long time… the reason: I was busy.. but busy = happy. I got a great job to do.

I found this song while driving at night in the woods… I put it on high volume and was singing… today I found out that it’s song from Despicable ME2.. be happy! m



my new discovery

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


btw… 3 days to Black Sabbath concert in Dortmund! :)

Halford Betrayal

Crying Shame

“Crying Shame”, a brand new song from Motörhead, is now available for streaming at (click image to go to website)

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Tim Minchin Thank You God

lyrics -> http://www.lyricsfreak.com/t/tim+minchin/thank+you+god_20917884.html

The most strange videos – Black Label Society – Ain’t No Sunshine


“… people are so scared of the Nazis. They ought to stop worrying about them. They’re gone, you know. The Nazis are over. You should worry about how the goverment that’s in place now. That’s what we should worry about.” – Lemmy Kilmister ( Overkill: The Untold Story of Motorhead)

Jesus Saves

You go to the church, you kiss the cross
You will be saved at any cost
You have your own reality
You spend your life just kissing ass

NEWSTED – Heavy Metal Music