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Iron Fist

Iron Fist… yes, a few days ago the ring I ordered sometime ago was delivered :) It’s cute pentagram ring from Fashionology . It’s really worth to check out their website. Sale 70%!



new in… skull

I just received today package form fashionology.nl… a few days ago I bought skull necklace for half price (using their discount code which they put time to time on FB page)…


it looks better than on their website

body make up/temporary tattoo

Temporaty tattoo done by Scott Campbell on this wife Lake Bell


and some skull make up… as with all randomly find images online, I don’t know who did this photo and make up.. if you know, let me know please and I will be happy to put copyrights


wish list

… there are a two things I would really like to get…
fossil watch… I can not decide which color I like more… I think brown is nicer, but from the other hand I do not wear brown things, so black would fit better…



and those GREAT ring from The Great Frog… it’s so expensive that I can look only for something similar… :(


last week on instagram

Two of my new things … I was hunting for some nice belts form ZARA last few weeks since they  have sale… and finally I got one – ZARA leather belt with bull skull discounted from around 30 euro to around 5 euro… btw.. it looks like Wacken logo… hmm… maybe next year Wacken? :)


and shoes… totally not planned… I mentioned some time ago that I would like to get grey and higher once but I kind of forgot about it and didn’t really plan to get them… but… I went yesterday with my boyfriend to search for sport shoes, he got some really nice La Sportiva.. and on the way back we stepped in to one more shop.. I put it on my feet those black pair of shorter mojito and just couldn’t go away without them :))


Lately I try to eat really healthy.. no coca-cola, no white bread, no potatoes… this salat from BILLA is really great – and only 1 euro!


mess on the streets… we start to think more and more about moving west…


30 minutes show at Wacken :( I think Lemmy is not feeling so great… Let’s hope he will get better soon!


Poster… I really liked it at the concert in Poland and Bucharest… but… it was just not possible to carry poster around Iron Maiden concert… so I didn’t get it and now I need to find it online! :)


sale at Dolls Kill

There is 20% sale at Dolls Kill online store…
some nice t-shirts I found there.. click on image to go to the store





wish list – bandana

I have one with Motorhead.. and now… I really wish to have this one… there is some hope I will get if for Easter (Romanian Easter is at the beginning of May


ox head and other earings

Since a few weeks I am looking for perfect earings…

in most of earings I look like peasant girl… some woman/girls look great in earings… and in my case they make me look horrible… it’s the reason that even  I did pierce my ears when I was 10 years old I do not really wear earings… I think I wear earings not more than twice a year… and it’s something I want to change…

I really like those Silver Ox Head from NEW LOOK shop but they are a bit expensive if you add shipping costs…

Yesterday I got those VERY cheap earings in H&M, they were around 4 euro. I like only right side earings – ox head and bull skull… those on the left side (pantera and some kind of bird) I will not wear at all I think…

found online

Images are so small… because after pinterest did changes in settings/look of it’s website… it’s only way to copy embed code :(

wish list – necklace from ZARA



zara.com (click photo to go to ZARA website)