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hmmm… h&m selling Motothead t-shirt

yes, it’s true.. motorhead t-shirts found in h&m store… I was it and I couldn’t believe my own yes.. and of course I had to buy it!


The Rolling Stones t-shirt at Mango

While checking Mango website today, I found this The Rolling Stones t-shirt :)


Kiss on sale

I found today info on FB that there is sale in forever21 and there are some Kiss t-shirts.

The only two I found on website are those two (click image to go to website) .. I suppose the rest is already sold out.

kiss kiss1

wish list…

SHOES! from Wojas!

wojas1 newshoes jas2wo

Metallica Mickey on sale

sales.. sales.. everywhere.. and I have no money…

this cute mickey mouse is only 9 euro! click image to go to http://www.forever21.com

instagram update

I went downtown to find some souvenirs for my sister and her daughter… I was planning to get some t-shirt for her but I didn’t find anything interesting.. all is crazy expensive and kitschy… of course I stepped into a few other shops and it’s what I found (I didn’t buy it) – Iron Maiden t-shirt at h&m… was quite expensive around 10 euro… there are far more interesting t-shirts online for such price.. but I just find it interesting that h&m and other shops like this have in their offer band t-shirts…


… and first Roger Waters posters on the streets…


sale at Dolls Kill

There is 20% sale at Dolls Kill online store…
some nice t-shirts I found there.. click on image to go to the store





h&m …

H&M has new collection called “Rock Festival Collection”… here is video promoting it…

I don’t like music in it and that everyone is hugging each other … but maybe I am missing something and it’s what “rock festival” is about :)))
…but… they have some nice clothes… I got this union jack flag t-shirt for less than 5 euro… and we are searching for shorts for my boyfriend with same union jack flag which I saw on H&M website, but I didn’t see in the shops yet…



I am aslo thinking about getting this “poncho”… each “poncho” looks kitschy but after last rain in Sofia at the festival I am wondering if it’s not some kind of solution since umbrellas are not allowed most of the time…


ac/dc t-shirt

To get it follow the link to Gypsy Warrior


ac/dc t-shirt

AC/DC t-shirt at TOPSHOP