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any day is a perfect day for shoe shopping

yes, it’s true.. any day is a perfect day for shoe shopping.. and especially today :) if shoes are 30% of it’s previous price it’s a sin not to get them :)

my new leather shoes from zara.. around 35 euro :)



wish list…

SHOES! from Wojas!

wojas1 newshoes jas2wo

found online.. more color

As I would hear my aunt… “you should wear more color”


last week on instagram

Two of my new things … I was hunting for some nice belts form ZARA last few weeks since they  have sale… and finally I got one – ZARA leather belt with bull skull discounted from around 30 euro to around 5 euro… btw.. it looks like Wacken logo… hmm… maybe next year Wacken? :)


and shoes… totally not planned… I mentioned some time ago that I would like to get grey and higher once but I kind of forgot about it and didn’t really plan to get them… but… I went yesterday with my boyfriend to search for sport shoes, he got some really nice La Sportiva.. and on the way back we stepped in to one more shop.. I put it on my feet those black pair of shorter mojito and just couldn’t go away without them :))


Lately I try to eat really healthy.. no coca-cola, no white bread, no potatoes… this salat from BILLA is really great – and only 1 euro!


mess on the streets… we start to think more and more about moving west…


30 minutes show at Wacken :( I think Lemmy is not feeling so great… Let’s hope he will get better soon!


Poster… I really liked it at the concert in Poland and Bucharest… but… it was just not possible to carry poster around Iron Maiden concert… so I didn’t get it and now I need to find it online! :)


wish list … shoes!

I want shoes (cutout boots) like this! Where to get?

Vans + Iron Maiden Trooper = nice shoes

I posted a few days ago some Motorhead, Black Sabbath and Metallica shoes… and here… something for Iron Maiden fans…





Black Sabbath converse shoes

nice shoes!


new bracelet

it’s my new bracelet…

cards (ace of spades) , gun& cowboy shoe … still searching for some skull.. I didn’t find any yet…


yes… metallica and motorhead shoes

Yes, I want those shoes! …. but I have no idea where to get them…

metallica motorhead

wish list – wedge sneakers

hmm.. black wedge sneakers from Pull and Bear…

I would say… life is short buy those damn shoes ;)



here one photo I found on Pinterest…