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Ken Regan’s Rock & Roll Life

Produced by Stephen Menick. Edited by John Prete. Voiced by Craig Sechler.


Amber Wheeler Draws Baby Son Into Fun Imaginary Adventures

 Amber Wheeler Draws Baby Son Into Fun Imaginary Adventures   via TAXI

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a few interesting links

This week I found a few interesting things:

Kim Joon’s work
Photo Series Of Cool Grannies Rocking Band Tees


Pride & Glory: The Rockers’ Jacket




I am very curious to see this book… I will not get it because of HUGE price (I found the cheapest one on amazon for 100 dolars)… but I wish to see it.. maybe next time I am in London (maybe next year) I will be able to check it out… until that time I can check only a few images from it and this video…

my first b-day gift this year

So far it’s first birthday gift I got this year (not counting the one I got for myself ) !
It’s the gift from my boyfriend, Victor :)
There is still a few more days left until I will be officially one year older, but I think it’s the best gift I could get… Motorhead Roadkill by Pep Bonet…
Here are some images I took just when I got it…




Lately my blog become like Motorhead fan page… I promise to write and post photos/videos about other things, too!… I really promise!

controversy on WPP 2013

A few days ago WPP 2013 was announced and yesterday some controversy about Paul Hansen’s winning photo appeared online


Image © Paul Hansen.

some discussions under links:
I personally don’t understand what this controversy is about. I believe that photojournalism is not about how saturated the photography is… I don’t see big difference between both of those photographs (original file and published on WPP website)… and I don’t understand why anyone has some problem with this photo… it’s very small difference.
The funny part is that someone commented under this photos… that at such contests would like to see raw images… it would be interesting because in raw all photos are in color … so … following this idea… converting to black and white wouldn’t be allowed anymore? and how this would be ever possible …

2013 World Press Photo Awards Announced…. I can not wait to see all photos!

influential photographers – Alex Prager

ALex Prager’s website http://www.alexprager.com/

bio from http://www.qcp.org.au/

Alex Prager was born in Los Angeles in 1979.

She was raised by her grandmother in a small apartment in the suburb of Los Feliz. Her nomadic upbringing saw her splitting her time between Florida, California, and Switzerland without truly settling down long enough for a formal education. Prager’s interest in art began in her adolescence, but it was in her early twenties that she began to focus on photography after being inspired by the work of William Eggleston.
In keeping with her independent spirit, she eschewed art school and began taking photographs on her own, teaching herself equipment and lighting through trial and error. Prager has since contributed to a number of publications including Details, i-D, Elle Japan, Tank, MOJO, and Complex. All the while, continuing to exhibit her work in various galleries worldwide.
After the release of her first book The Book Of Disquiet (2005) Prager was given her first solo show at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, CA entitled Polyester. Her 2008 exhibition The Big Valley shown by the Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, received critical acclaim.
London Times magazine said, “That she has buckets more vision than credentials matters not, it helps to retain the rawness and individuality of her eye. She is uncertain and dizzy – and very capable.”
“Her photographs reveal a keen eye for the shining and the bizarre, a bit Annie Leibovitz, a bit Diane Arbus.”- The Los Angeles Times

Metalheads by Jörg Brüggemann

I would like to introduce you to …

Metalheads by Jörg Brüggemann

Heavy metal is a phenomenon. Although this musical genre is still ridiculed by many, it is currently more popular and successful around the world than at its supposed peak in the 1980s. Today, so-called metalheads can be found worldwide. No matter who they are or where they come from, they are united by heavy metal across borders, generations, genders, religions, and social classes. The photographes have been taken in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Switzerland and the USA. The accompanying book was published by Gestalten Verlag. You can buy it here.


© Jörg Brüggemann


© Jörg Brüggemann


© Jörg Brüggemann


© Jörg Brüggemann


© Jörg Brüggemann


© Jörg Brüggemann

All photographs you can find on Jörg Brüggemann’s website

Siberian Supermodels by Anastasia Taylor-Lind

I met Anastasia at TPW workshop with Stanley Greene which we were invited to Italy. I am very happy to watch her successes. Sometime ago she got into VII mentor program and I am glad to see more and more of great work she does. Here is one of her stories on Siberian supermodels.
Check it out!