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back to blogging – I ain’t think that life’s all dollars

Back to blogging after long time… I will try to post a few posts this week… anyway, right now

So true…

Just ‘Cos You Got The Power

You might be a financial wizard,
With a sack of loot,
All I see is a slimy lizard,
With an expensive suit,
Go on and run your corporation,
Go and kiss some ass,
You might buy half of the nation,
But you can’t buy class
You bastards think it’s funny,
Lyin’ and thieving all your life,
Think all there is is money,
Got your future strapped up tight,
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power,
That don’t mean you got the right
You can take my fingers babe,
You can take my eyes,
You can take my past and future,
It won’t make you wise,
You can have me thrown in jail,
You can steal my booze,
You can even read my mail,
Step on my blue suede shoes,

You bastards must be clever,
Got it mapped out in black and whit,
But don’t forget you’ll never,
Get a dog to walk upright,
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power,
That don’t mean you got the right

Go on out make another deal,
Feed your big fat face,
Go on out and cop a feel,
Get on somebody’s case,
You surely would be satisfied,
If you could have it all,
But time ain’t on your side,
You’re going to the wall

You think that life’s all dollars,
Greed and lust and spite,
But I wasn’t born to follow,
Like to get my sleep at night,
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power,
That don’t mean you got the right


Five dollar bill featuring Lemmy

lemI found this image of defaced five dollar bill featuring Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister of Motörhead on Pinterest. Unfortunately the link doesn’t work and I have no idea who made it. If you know, please let me know. I wish to ask for permission to publish it on my blog.

Lemmy wanna be Cowboy

I found those two photos today on Pinterest. I wish to know who took them… to bad that most photographs online are from unknown source.

Lemmy, The Cowboy.

lemmy lemmy2

back blogging after quite long break

Hi, I am back! I have been on holiday and had no time for blog.

message from Lemmy on Fb


“I have to sadly let you know that Motörhead has had to postpone the forthcoming European tour until early next year, 2014.

We have made the decision because I am not quite ready to hit the road yet, and am working my way back to full fitness and rude health. Don’t worry – I’m not about to start promoting veganism and alcohol-free beverages, but it is fair to say that I personally have been reconfiguring areas of my life to make sure I can come back fitter and stronger than ever.

It disappointed me tremendously to have to say I wasn’t quite ready to hit the road yet, but not nearly as much as it would’ve disappointed me to go out, play some average shows and watch my health give way long before the tour was over! When people come to see a Motörhead tour, they expect a Motörhead show, and that is exactly what you will get as soon as I am fit and ready to rumble.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated…and know that I’m getting stronger and stronger every day, so watch out next spring Europe and we will see you then.

Thank you all,


new Motorhead song! Queen of the Damned!

link to Motorhead’s new song – Queen of the Damned!



“… people are so scared of the Nazis. They ought to stop worrying about them. They’re gone, you know. The Nazis are over. You should worry about how the goverment that’s in place now. That’s what we should worry about.” – Lemmy Kilmister ( Overkill: The Untold Story of Motorhead)

funny quote… from my mother

Today my mother made me laugh a lot… she opened envelope with sticker I ordered from Redbubble … First of all she said that I got smth from Redbull and later she noticed it’s not Redbull but Redbubble… but she went a bit further and said that i got some sticker with “some animal in the hat or with some pirate holding bottle with poison” :))


ace of spades

Minion Lemmy

One more of funny Lemmy I found online.. I wish to know who made it so I could put copyrights…