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Kiss on sale

I found today info on FB that there is sale in forever21 and there are some Kiss t-shirts.

The only two I found on website are those two (click image to go to website) .. I suppose the rest is already sold out.

kiss kiss1



I am glad I don’t have money…

… there is possibility that until I get money I will think more clear and stop myself from getting one of those t-shirts…
anyway… just to let you know, in Bershka there are quite nice t-shirts (click image to go to their website)…

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some nice t-shirts I found online

all of them found on http://www.forever21.com

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my new discovery – The Great Frog

It’s my new online discovery… The Great Frog

Check their gallery and online store to see products made in collaboration with Motorhead or Slayer… GREAT jewelry but soooooo expensive…
list of their clients is quite impressive:

Iron Maiden
Johnny Depp
Def Leppard
The Rolling Stones
Motley Crue
Alice Cooper
Led Zeppelin
Marilyn Manson
Twisted Sister
Lenny Kravitz
Billy Idol

Kiss scarf

Vintage KISS scarf found on http://www.nastygal.com


t-shirts for Slash and Kiss lovers

I found some cute t-shirts at ASOS shop for Slash (dogs) and Kiss (cats) lovers… (click image to go to online  Asos store)…

image1xxl image1xxll

Arena heavy metal

It’s the classic BBC “Arena – Heavy Metal” Documentary on the History of Heavy Metal from 1989, originally shown on BBC Two as part of their “Heavy Metal Heaven” Night.

Interviews: Tom Araya, Geezer Butler, Bruce Dickinson, Malcolm Dome, Steve Harris, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page, Axl Rose, David Lee Roth, Lars Ulrich and more.

Live Footage: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix (R.I.P.), Jimmy Page, KISS, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Metallica, Motörhead, Napalm Death, Slayer, Steppenwolf and more.

new delivery.. more patches arrived

I ordered some more patches from allegro (smth similar to ebay)… they came yesterday.. I am not so happy about their quality. They looked much better on photos… but I suppose for price I paid – for each one around  1 dolar – it’s good price and price = quality…


… now I need to plan how to arrange them on the skirt…

seen in (almost) band t-shirts – Cara Delevingne

almost like KISS band t-shirt…. almost…