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Judas Priest is not Death Metal

The Simpsons apologise to Judas Priest for calling them ‘death metal’

(found on internet)


Judas Priest on the Simpsons

JP is not death metal but the rest is cute…

and seems it’s not the first time when JP is mentioned in The SImpsons


Tickets from last two and a half years… 32 with one missing from Queensryche (I need to get it back from my boyfriend :))
concerts and festivals: Iron Maiden (twice!), Motorhead (twice!), Judas Priest, Anthrax (twice!), Motley Crue, U.D.O, Accept (twice!), Tim Ripper Owens (3 times!), Megadeth, Roger Waters, Slayer (twice!), Sebastian Bach, Hammerfall!, Accept (twice!), Saxon, Helloween, Fates Warning, Iced Earth, White Wizzard, Blaze Baley, Europe, Steve Vai, W.A.S.P (twice!), Guns’n’Roses and many, many more…

… and yesterday finally I had chance to wear my new t-shirt :)

Tim Ripper Owens concert

Two photos from yesterday’s Tim “Ripper” Owens concert. It was his 3rd concert I have seen in my life… as always he was making a lot of jokes… mainly about people smoking into his face (that he is about to get cancer) and about the location… concert took place in a very tiny, located under ground club in Bucharest.


books for kindle

I got my kindle one week ago.. and since that time I did read around 5 -6 books and I am right now reading 3 at once :)
It’s a really great thing…

There are some great books online on amazon or … if you will do a really good search you will find pfd files for free…

I noticed that it’s much easier to find books in Polish than English.. but WTF… (sorry ;)) how can you read Lemmy’s autobiography in Polish? It’s just not possible.. I did it… and I can assure you.. Lemmy’s language sounds right only when he “speaks” in his own language… if anyone translates “chicks” into “cipki” which means “pussies” it’s just wrong.. and it should have never happened!!!!


There is a list of some I got:
Overkill: The Untold Story of Motörhead (I am reading, good one but very similar to White Line Fever)
White Line Fever: Lemmy: The Autobiography  (I did read – good one!)
Iron Maiden- 30 Years of the Beast (I started but too many names and dates for this moment.. I will continue after I finish Overkill)
Judas Priest – Heavy Metal Pain Killers
Encyclopedia od Heavy Metal Music
I am Ozzy
Sound of the Beast
Tommyland (I did read – good one!)
Heroin Diaries

almost all Kapuscinski’s books
almost all Whiliam Wharton’s books
almost all Richard Dawkins’ books

Judas Priest Epitaph screening in the cinema

Today – a bit more than one year from concert from Epitaph tour which we have seen in Katowice – we went to Judas Priest Epitaph screening in the cinema… we booked place yesterday… hmm… it was not necessary as we learned today :))) … we were only people at this screening :)
I really liked it… in some ways was even better than at the concert…




sale at Dolls Kill

There is 20% sale at Dolls Kill online store…
some nice t-shirts I found there.. click on image to go to the store





someone got old…

Judas Priest – Epitaph trailer

Judas Priest – Epitaph trailer (with interviews)

the best t-shirt ever?

so simple and so true… this t-shirt could replace all t-shirts :)



where to get it?