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W:O:A t-shirts arrived!

Our Wacken 25-th anniversary t-shirts (which were available to buy only with tickets) arrived today! The one I got L girlie size is a bit too big, but I like it!
I was waiting so long! Finally they arrived!


Wacken tickets!

309 days left to Wacken Open Air Festival!.. and today tickets arrived! :)

© Aga Luczakowska

Anthrax at Woodstock Festival 2013

starts at around 18 min… so many people…

355 days left to Wacken

haha… “only” 355 days left to Wacken :)

two of 40 000 tickets are ours!

Already 40.000 Tickets for Wacken 2014 sold during the first day of the Presale!!! … and two of them are ours :D yeah! :)

Rock the city – day 2

14:00 – Gates open
15:40 – 16:30 Psychogod
16:50 – 17:40 White Walls
18:10 – 19:00 Trivium
19:30 – 20:30 Bullet For My Valentine
21:15 – 22:50 Rammstein

Today we went to see Bullet For My Valentine and Rammstein..and surprise!! … normal circle was ever farther then yesterday :))))
I haven’t seen so much… but industrial metal doesn’t seem to be so interesting for me… it’s too close to techno for my taste…


Rock The City – day 1

Day 1
15:00 – gates open
17:00 – 17:30 Goodbye To Gravity
17:45 – 18:30 Boon
18:50 – 19:50 Rezident EX
20:10 – 21:10 Enslaved
21:30 – 22:45 Heaven Shall Burn

Yesterday we went only to see Resident Ex concert. It’s first time I have ever stay in other circle than golden one… yes, as you can seenon photo it’s really far from the stage…


Rock the city

I am not the biggest Rammstein fan… but we found tickets in a very good price so instead of sitting at home we will spend this weekend at the festival.


Kavarna Rock Fest 2013!

We are back from Kavarna Rock Festival 2013. We went to see 4 concerts: Deep Purple, Thunder, Accept and Doro.


As far as my boyfriend says it was first time that this festival took place in June instead of  of July… and it was for sure not the best idea. Was very very cold.

We were planning to stay one more day at Vama Veche and sleep in the tent, but with this weather it doesn’t make sense.

I have to say that I liked the best Accept concert… later Doro, Deep Purple and at the end Thunder. I didn’t really take so many photographs this time and those which I took are very bad quality… but my boyfriend gave me permission to post  his photos. I like the most the one he took at Accept concert. It was taken by phone, but it’s very very nice (click to see bigger image).


Accept concert, Kavarna Rock Fest 2013


Deep Purple, Kavarna Rock Festival 2013


Doro, Kavarna Rock Festival 2013


Thunder, Kavarna Rock Festival 2013

and.. maybe hard to imagine.. we didn’t buy ANY SINGLE t-shirt :))))

Best of the 2013 Stagecoach Country Music Festival

photo nr 6 – SLAYER!! :)))
photo nr 7 – no comment .. so funny!
photo nr 44 – I WANT SHOES LIKE THIS…


Here are the highlights from the 2013 Stagecoach Country Music Festival weekend. Check out more here.

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