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The Rolling Stones t-shirt at Mango

While checking Mango website today, I found this The Rolling Stones t-shirt :)



pull and bear rock and roll

Pull and bear again has some nice clothes… click image to go to their website..

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found online.. quotes



life… “I spend” and “inspiration”

My new watch I got “partly” from my boyfriend as the anniversary gift & Mango and Fashionology.nl bracelets

did I mention that Yosemite Lemmy finally got to me? :) Here it is…

and something about my current state of mind… thinking about changing my job… into something less stabile but more interesting…  If you don’t risk  anything you risk even more … it’s so true… nobody will live your life for you… I didn’t regret anything up till now and I don’t want to regret any lost chances… let’s see what life will bring :)

Seen in band d t-shirt – Behati Prinsloo

Don’t ask me who this girl is… I have no idea… but lately I see her everywhere on the same photo, in this same t-shirt. Apparently she is famous to get engaged with Adam Levine who… I don’t have idea who he is  :)))

Anyway…. girl been in band t-shirt :)

(and again as always, I found this photo on pinterest, if anyone is offended that I use it, if you find the author, I can easily delate this post or put copyrights)



my wish that will never come true


I was holding myself from posting link and those earings… but I a finally did it…
It’s not something I can not afford (they are in quite ok price on sale – 22 dollars), it’s something I just can not have because I live in Europe :(
I was trying to have it shipped to USA and buy with my credit card… but even getting it with European debet/credit card is not possible… only US citizens can get it… shi*** as hell! :(

it’s what the sent me as reply

“Thank you for reaching out to us here at OBEY. We truly appreciate all your support! Unfortunately we do not ship outside the United States and our system is unable to process non-U.S. credit cards. You can check the website under “Find a Retailer” it will give you a directory of all the stores near you that carry OBEY product. We hope to ship internationally in the future so please check back for changes. Hope this helps and thanks for the support.”

Retailers of course doesn’t have those earings… :(

It’s the last thing I want to advertise company that makes life so difficult but those earings are really cute… Does any company can make same?

and if you live in USA… enjoy and I am very jealous! :))

hmm… tattoo?

TATTOO… I was never considering getting one… and I am still not 100% sure about it.. mainly because there is some irony- I don’t want to have it visible, and I don’t want it not to have visible :) … one thing is against the other one… i know… but it’s how it really is :) I am considering tattoo with skull or gun…

Alex Binnie and Duncan X: The Art of Pain — Forever: The New Tattoo from Gestalten on Vimeo.

Also I have some believe that if you are not very thin girl, you will look in tattoos like truck driver… and I am not thin.. so I really want to avoid it :) Skinny model Freja (on photo) looks great with this gun tattoo (sorry, I don’t know whose photo it is, i would be as always more than happy to put copyrights if you know the photographer who took it)


There is also one thing what my friend was always saying… tattoos and piercing makes woman who feel they are not attractive… and maybe it’s something in it… it’s quite controversial to say like this, but I think it’s kind of true… I always felt good with myself (even with 10kg more), and I never took into consideration changing anything… is need getting tattoo some reaction that I do not accept myself anymore? I hope not, and if yes I hope idea of having tattoo will go away very soon and I will feel perfectly fine with myself again…

free mind at ZARA sale

I think tomorrow I will do short trip to ZARA to check it out… if it’s as cheap as they write on their website (around 8-10 euro) I will get this “iron maiden and ac/dc” inspired t-shirt

my new purchase – Pantera t-shirts

Last month I was really careful with my expenses… Soon I will travel to Poland (including Iron Maiden concert) and later -in November – I go to Dortmund for Black Sabbath concert … a few concerts in Romania (Iron Maiden, Roger Waters.. and I am sure some more that I have no idea about yet)… so there will be quite a lot of money I will need to put into it… so…last money = almost.. yes, almost no shopping :) (a few weeks ago I got earings for less than 5 euro, but I will make another post about it soon… yes.. god saves and I spend ;))

Yesterday I got two Pantera t-shirts which I will see not earlier than in 3 weeks. One is for me and one for my boyfriend.


the one I got for my boyfriend


Pantera t-shirt I got for myself

and here is one I really liked to get for my boyfriend but he didn’t like it so much… but imo is awesome!


You can get all those t-shirts at Pantera store which is a bit expensive or at Good Rock shop (same t-shirts which Pantera store has for 25 dolars here you can get for max 18 dolars; also shipping is much cheaper).

sale at Dolls Kill

There is 20% sale at Dolls Kill online store…
some nice t-shirts I found there.. click on image to go to the store