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Ken Regan’s Rock & Roll Life

Produced by Stephen Menick. Edited by John Prete. Voiced by Craig Sechler.



Tickets from last two and a half years… 32 with one missing from Queensryche (I need to get it back from my boyfriend :))
concerts and festivals: Iron Maiden (twice!), Motorhead (twice!), Judas Priest, Anthrax (twice!), Motley Crue, U.D.O, Accept (twice!), Tim Ripper Owens (3 times!), Megadeth, Roger Waters, Slayer (twice!), Sebastian Bach, Hammerfall!, Accept (twice!), Saxon, Helloween, Fates Warning, Iced Earth, White Wizzard, Blaze Baley, Europe, Steve Vai, W.A.S.P (twice!), Guns’n’Roses and many, many more…

… and yesterday finally I had chance to wear my new t-shirt :)

Queensryche concert

Queensryche concert in 20th October 2013 Bucuresti, Turbohalle

Maybe it’s stupid to admit but before I went to their concert I didn’t really know ANY.. yes.. ANY of their songs.
Anyway… I really liked that but because I didn’t know them, I didn’t enjoy it as I could. I suppose it’s time to check their albums, because they are quite good… only slow songs… were soooo borring :))



We went to two concert over the weekend (Ripper’s and Queensryche) … I am sleepy, tired and half deaf :)

Report from the Road: 2013

Next week again… this time Iron Maiden concert in Bucharest

Lemmy and cockroache

“If they drop a nuclear bomb on this planet, Lemmy and cockroaches is all that survives” says wisdom… but.. due to Lemmy’s health problems one after another concert is canceled.
Let’s hope it’s just a temporary problem and Lemmy will rock again… take care Lemmy!

hmm…unif hat

I was for a very long time against hats :) … and still I think it doesn’t look so great.. but considering upcoming summer concerts and festival I started to regret that I do not have one… this one from UNIF is nice.. back in stock at Nasty Gal .. but soooo expensive…

(click image to go to online store)

posters for upcoming Iron Maiden concert

On Saturday on the way to pub to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday we saw first posters for upcoming Iron Maiden concert in Bucuresti…


pub where we went to drink was also quite interesting.. it’s called Zappa pub and there are many music related things inside… like this table which we sat next to…


just got tickets for Black Sabbath in Dortmund!!!

I just got tickets for Black Sabbath for 30th November in Dortmund, Germany!!! :)))))


the best concert ever – Metallica – Quebec

This video disappears and comes back online over and over again. It’s the best convert I have ever seen. I saw it already a few times and I do not have enough. Each song is perfect… and more “to do” on my list… attend Metallica concert

Megadeth concert in Bucharest and Mustaine on evolution

Posters informing about Megadeth concert are already hanging on the streets of Bucharest.


and if we speak about Megadeth… I am so amused about yesterday’s news what Mustaine thinks about evolution :)))
to read more click the photo…