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The Rolling Stones t-shirt at Mango

While checking Mango website today, I found this The Rolling Stones t-shirt :)



Sons of Anarchy Custom Guitar Paint Job

I started to watch Sons of Anarchy one week ago and I am already at the end of the 4th season… here what I found… some nice art work

h&m …

H&M has new collection called “Rock Festival Collection”… here is video promoting it…

I don’t like music in it and that everyone is hugging each other … but maybe I am missing something and it’s what “rock festival” is about :)))
…but… they have some nice clothes… I got this union jack flag t-shirt for less than 5 euro… and we are searching for shorts for my boyfriend with same union jack flag which I saw on H&M website, but I didn’t see in the shops yet…



I am aslo thinking about getting this “poncho”… each “poncho” looks kitschy but after last rain in Sofia at the festival I am wondering if it’s not some kind of solution since umbrellas are not allowed most of the time…


spring wardrobe cleaning

Spring came…wrong… it’s 30 degrees each day… so no… Summer came and it’s time to put winter clothes away and make place for all my t-shirts, shorts and skirts… yesterday was labor day.. holiday to slow down and rest… but I feel exhausted. Yesterday was Ikea and cleaning day for me.. ok… plus cinema (Iron Man 3)…

jesus is (not) back

One of the coolest t-shirts are back in stock at UNIF online store .. while I am waiting for my “jesus saves i spend” to be delivered from Poland (they do not ship it to Romania) … I can not wait to finally get it! :)


this t-shirt is also AWESOME!!! (click image to go to online UNIF store)…


band t-shirts in Zara kids collection

There are some nice t-shirts for kids in new ZARA collection. I think big size can fit for grow up girl, too.

(click image to go to ZARA website)






cute things

I do not have kids and I am not planing to have any in the near future.. but those things are soooooo cuuuuuteeee…
you can find them in those two stores:


lucky me!

I am hunting for this t-shirt since more than one year… and finally today.. it was in stock at UNIF.. and i got last one.. only one!

ALL SAINTS lookbook

I am totally in love with that lookbook! I want all those clothes!!!

isabel marant rtw fall 2013