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after the weekend

Lately I have not so much time to post a lot of things on blog… sorry for that… I will try my best in the next days…
On weekend my boyfriend and I have been in the cinema at Metallica Through The Never 3d movie… for me it was like Metallica’s concert I have never been at… or even better… I did really enjoy it and I can not wait when the movie (maybe lets call it concert with movie elements) will be on DVDs so I can see it over and over again…
For me there are no weak points in it.. I didn’t enjoy everything…



cinema booked!

I have been for a few days abroad… but I am back!
Places for Metallica movie are booked! We will see Through The Never on Saturday evening! :)

Seems like we are only people in such rush to book places before…


Through The Never

I just checked today Through The Never website and seems like the movie will be be available in Imax in Romania on Sept 27 and on October 4th in all cinemas! :)


Hit the Lights: The Making of Metallica Through the Never

The movie will not be available in my country…  :( so at least I can watch making of


bikers and cinema

World War Z

Yesterday I saw World War Z… it’s for sure one of the best movies I have ever seen and I am very impressed. I totally agree with review under this link

This movie grabs your attention… there was time I thought I will not be able to stand any more minutes huge tension.. and in the right moment I had time to rest and again action… amazing use of 3D…

and.. for sure some girl sitting next to me who started to make cross signs made me a bit relaxed because I started to laugh and I couldn’t stop.. crosses in the cinema.. possible only in Romania I think

Judas Priest Epitaph screening in the cinema

Today – a bit more than one year from concert from Epitaph tour which we have seen in Katowice – we went to Judas Priest Epitaph screening in the cinema… we booked place yesterday… hmm… it was not necessary as we learned today :))) … we were only people at this screening :)
I really liked it… in some ways was even better than at the concert…




Metallica Through the Never – Official Teaser Trailer

I didn’t expect anything like this.. so it makes me even more curious.. I can not wait to see it :)

Lars Ulrich on the 3D Movie ‘Metallica Through the Never’

Iron Man 3

Tomorrow I will see Iron Man 3 in iMax!!! I can’t wait :)