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If you feel happy it’s a great song to listen. if you are not – it will make you happy!

I haven’t post anything since a long time… the reason: I was busy.. but busy = happy. I got a great job to do.

I found this song while driving at night in the woods… I put it on high volume and was singing… today I found out that it’s song from Despicable ME2.. be happy! m


Judas Priest is not Death Metal

The Simpsons apologise to Judas Priest for calling them ‘death metal’

(found on internet)

Judas Priest on the Simpsons

JP is not death metal but the rest is cute…

and seems it’s not the first time when JP is mentioned in The SImpsons

Robert Trujillo Meets His Hero

Thelma & Louise

Some joke I found online… Thelma&Louise is one of my fav movies…


found online.. more color

As I would hear my aunt… “you should wear more color”


funny quote… from my mother

Today my mother made me laugh a lot… she opened envelope with sticker I ordered from Redbubble … First of all she said that I got smth from Redbull and later she noticed it’s not Redbull but Redbubble… but she went a bit further and said that i got some sticker with “some animal in the hat or with some pirate holding bottle with poison” :))


Minion Lemmy

One more of funny Lemmy I found online.. I wish to know who made it so I could put copyrights…

Yosemite Lemmy

I just ordered as the anniversary gift for my boyfriend and … myself :)  this cool t-shirts with Chris Wahl’s Yosemite Lemmy you can find on REDBUBBLE website…

Chris Wahl’s portfolio you can find under link http://chriswahlart.blogspot.ro/

and here is one more drawing of Lemmy…