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Ace Of Spades Motorhead – Lego

I just love it!


ace of spades

Yosemite Lemmy

I just ordered as the anniversary gift for my boyfriend and … myself :)  this cool t-shirts with Chris Wahl’s Yosemite Lemmy you can find on REDBUBBLE website…

Chris Wahl’s portfolio you can find under link http://chriswahlart.blogspot.ro/

and here is one more drawing of Lemmy…


some crazy idea just came to my mind

Yesterday some crazy idea came to my mind.. My friend who just went to Dowload and who I haven’t seen since two years I think gave me idea to meet in London at Saxon and Motorhead concert in November


flyer and ticket from last year’s concert at o2 Accademy in London: Motorhead and Anthrax

I feel so sorry listening to Ace of Spades from their last concert at Download festival.. now, when I know that he is so tired of singing it (book White Line Fever)… I really feel sorry :)

Heavy metal university degree course launched

Check this video BBC News for more info

hmm… Guitar Hero

yeah… it’s how it is when you are in relationship with game designer… there was no way to escape to play Guitar Hero… I got tempted by Ace of Spades, Master of Puppets and Sad But True…


Dave Mustaine playing Guitar Hero… seems like I am not the only one having a lot of troubles with it…

new bracelet

it’s my new bracelet…

cards (ace of spades) , gun& cowboy shoe … still searching for some skull.. I didn’t find any yet…


new patches

Three new patches I received two days ago :)
One is already ironed into the skirt… two more waiting… I will put them on over the weekend..


Motorhead Ace of Spades album cover

I found online this lego version of Ace of Spades Motorhead album cover…



(I don’t know who did this lego, if you know, let me know and I will be more than happy to ask about permission to publish it on my website)

Joe Petagno and Snaggletooth

Joe Petagno is an artist known for creating images used on rock album covers for bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Motörhead and other.

Joe Petagno created Motorhead’s Snaggletooth and as he said “The inspiration came from just being a naturally pissed-off bastard! And Lemmy’s the same way! So it was bound to be an alchemal wedding of a more “primordial nature”. I did a lot of research on skull types and found a cross-breed gorilla-wolf-dog combination would work nicely with some oversized boars horns. Lemmy added Helmet, chains, spit, spikes and grit”.

Joe talks about his awesome Motorhead cover artworks (second part is especially interesting)…

link to Joe Petagno’s website