any day is a perfect day for shoe shopping

yes, it’s true.. any day is a perfect day for shoe shopping.. and especially today :) if shoes are 30% of it’s previous price it’s a sin not to get them :)

my new leather shoes from zara.. around 35 euro :)



Iron Fist

Iron Fist… yes, a few days ago the ring I ordered sometime ago was delivered :) It’s cute pentagram ring from Fashionology . It’s really worth to check out their website. Sale 70%!


Lemmy wanna be Cowboy

I found those two photos today on Pinterest. I wish to know who took them… to bad that most photographs online are from unknown source.

Lemmy, The Cowboy.

lemmy lemmy2

Ken Regan’s Rock & Roll Life

Produced by Stephen Menick. Edited by John Prete. Voiced by Craig Sechler.

CHROME DIVISION – Ghost Riders In The Sky

I got link to this video a few days ago from my boyfriend. Quite good band I have to say!
If you like it, check more videos on youtube.. sound a bit like Motorhead and Iron Maiden time to time!

Judas Priest is not Death Metal

The Simpsons apologise to Judas Priest for calling them ‘death metal’

(found on internet)

Judas Priest on the Simpsons

JP is not death metal but the rest is cute…

and seems it’s not the first time when JP is mentioned in The SImpsons


The Metal Vault


An interesting one here… if you know me, you know the full story… Here’s Lemmy from rocksound 66 November 2004, although I may post up the transcript some time in the future – which is way more funny (and has Lemmy calling me a c**t). Rock on. As a side note, the interview was cast with Lemmy lounging on a sofa, and me perched on a window ledge as the only other available chair had a pile of dirty washing on (and we’re not about to air that here…)

WORDS: Ronnie Kerswell / PHOTOS: Nigel Crane


Heard that Lemmy was once a taxi driver who taught Sid Vicious to play bass? rock sound asked the original ‘Hellraiser’ to explain himself…

Lemmy is from Wales but doesn’t speak the language
“I learned it at school but because you don’t use it, you loose it. It’s a…

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back blogging after quite long break

Hi, I am back! I have been on holiday and had no time for blog.

Black Sabbath gift

Gift which I got today for my boyfriend.. Black Sabbath 13 tshirt