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haircut and color

Next Thursday I finally plan to go to hairdresser. There is very nice girl Raluca who cuts my hair perfectly… exactly the way I want. I have always problem to trust two kinds of people – dentists and hairdressers. There was even a joke that for hairdresser 1 cm is like 10 cm and they always cut to short… It’s really hard to trust them… but it’s not the case with Raluca. I never brought any photo with hairstyle I want and she always cuts it well… She speaks only very basic English, exactly as much as I can speak Romanian.. so VERY little … we don’t really talk too much.

This time I am going to trust her also with color. Each time before I was bringing my paint but I think this time I will just see what she will propose.

I think color and hairstyle more or less like this one below will work the best. It’s from Isabel Marant fashion show… not so big difference.. almost same hairstyle as I have but a bit brighter hair than I have right now.


Vlieger & Vandam S/S 13


I want!!!


more Vlieger & Vandam bags on their website

wish list… no no no… again

I should promise myself not to surf on internet…

My boyfriend thinks it’s kitschy… but I love skulls… I can not do anything about that… I just like this glass…would be perfect for wine…


ZARA glass

hmm… we were just checking those shoes online today… actually it was him who wants to get similar to those… but I saw them once in the shop, and I want them too… but… I JUST HAVE TOO MANY SHOES… just too many… I think it will not be to smart to get them…



and of course Roadkill by Pep Bonet … I am waiting when regular (regular meaning not so expensive as it is now – 99Euro) version will be available… actually I hope to get it as my birthday gift :)


Motorhead Roadkill by Pep Bonet

and… one more thing not for me…but I just started to search for it…  I don’t know where to find similar hat to the one Django had in Tarantino’s movie.. it would be perfect gift for my boyfriend’s birthday… he wants something more in Lemmy style.. but I think this one is better…

if any of you know where to find it, let me know, please…


Django (2012)