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wish list…

yeah.. no way to get it before the salary… anyway, I can dream :) (click image to go to websites)


shirt from Mango…



t-shirt from Affliction…



and one more shits from Mango



wish list…

SHOES! from Wojas!

wojas1 newshoes jas2wo

found online… for home

The Knife Hook is a multi-purpose polyurethane hook that will hold keys, coats, and more. Shaped like a knife penetrating the wall, this hook is easily screwed in (the front edge features a welded screw) to lend your home an instant air of excitement.


found online

Images are so small… because after pinterest did changes in settings/look of it’s website… it’s only way to copy embed code :(

why not for Samsung?

I am Samsung owner… and I am wondering why they do not do such cool things for Samsung users?

It’s Metallica Master of Puppets cassette iPhone 4/4s case… I am wondering if my next phone should be iPhone or Samsung…


You can get it at http://www.grindstore.com/

wish list – necklace from ZARA



zara.com (click photo to go to ZARA website)

found online – doormates

Some ideas how to welcome people who come to your place… or the way how not to forget to take wallet, keys and mobile phone…


I am sure it’s not my last post with photos of things in skull shape. I love skulls :)

wish list – Bomber Motorheadphönes

buy or not to buy, that is the question

hmm… a few weeks ago I posted some video from Motorheadphönes conference and I wrote that I would never get them because they are so expensive… later I was considering getting someday in future Earphönes… but I am not fan of this kind of product… I prefer to put it on my head instead of into the ear…

so… hmm… now I am wondering if I should actually get Motorheadphönes or not…
I will have birthday in two weeks and it became one more reason to get it… I also found some very good price of it… around 68 euro for Boomber version…and I was extremely surprised to find them in Romania and even cheaper than in UK… most of the time electronics are much more expensive here and some of the products are hard to get…

very hard decision to make.. if there were 50 euro I wouldn’t think to much, I would just get them… from the other hand.. why does 18 euro make such big difference?… I can save it any other way… for example – eat less and cheaper for a while :)

There are not so great reviews of this headphones but still… it’s Motörhead…

so…  after work… I will more than probably go to check them out/get them…

wish list – Motorheadearphones

There is no way I would ever get Motorheadphones… it’s just TOO EXPENSIVE…

Source: selectism.com via Matt on Pinterest


but I just found out that Motorhead has also in their offer something more affordable and it’s called Motorhead Trigger In-Ear Headphones.
Seems to be something good quality, but still… even £39.99 it’s a LOT…
It’s how it looks…

all photos from http://shop.motorheadphones.com/