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My Bucket list

Today is my birthday… and here is my bucket list …

the order does not matter …

1) go to Patagonia
2) visit Istanbul again
3) take my mother to Venice
4) go to Metallica concert
5) go to Kiss concert
6) loose 2 kg  :)
7) don’t talk bad about ANYONE EVER
8) make reportages/be photo editor in Vogue/Hapers Basar/Elle
9) make story on rich people in Romania
10) hike in winter in Tatras again
11) go to Norway
12) get real leather jacket
13) go to Los Angeles
14) live in Manhattan in NYC for a few days
15) live one week on the boat
16) climb in Kalymnos
17) visit Iceland
18) Motorhead concert… again
19) visit New Zeland
20) get a Suzuki Jimmy, Vitara or Samuray
21) have a few husky dogs (I had one… but I dream to have at least 3).. but it’s possible only if I…
22) have a wooden house in the mountains
23) have long hair
24) dye my hair blond
25) travel by car across USA
26) photograph tour of one band
27) have shoes like Lemmy (but not white)
28) if we are talking about Lemmy … I wish to get Lemmy’s hat for my boyfriend
29) sleep outside without a tent
30) go alone to the cinema
31) go to swim at least once a week (not possible in Bucharest because of the price)
32) watch fairy tales from my childhood on projector
33) hike all Orla Perc in Tatras (I did only half until now)
…. it’s for now…


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I am now also on twitter.. more links more info…


summary (1)

I have to say that this blog is becoming inspiration and learning platform for me. I am very happy that this blog is alive and I am getting so many comments… I didn’t expect it at all…

It’s really great and I am happy it’s some kind of evolution… I see what you are interested in and I post things related with it… I check your blogs, get inspired and learn…
so… please do comment… ask… give me links…

This blog became more music and concerts related… because 2012 was like this… before I was passionate about photography, later photography+ climbing and last year it was photography+ climbing+ music (concerts).
I have to admit that I am not an expert about music. To get introduced to music while you are more than 30 is a bit late… but I just happened to go to concerts and like it… it’s never to late to learn new things…

I will try to post also some other stuff… more about photography (which I know much much much more than about music), more about climbing, more about fashion…but I will post only what I really feel to post… no pressure…

Also… please be patient about my english… I am not native english speaker… there will be many mistakes.. stay prepared

and btw.. I found t-shirt which gave me inspiration for my blog’s name http://unifclothing.com/shop/jesus-saves
It’s out of stock + I am out of money right now… I hope they will produce it again (and give some discount) and I will be able to get it!