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body revolution

I started yesterday to work out with Julian Michaels. Her program Body Revolution seems to be very interesting. After my first excercises I feel muscles I didn’t know exist.

Until now I was biking each day and climbing 2 times a week. I will add this to my plan. I hope I will feel better and look better. I have to say that it’s not so easy as it looks.

Art of Freedom

Finally some post about my other passion – hiking/climbing…
Two days ago I saw this amazing movie…

“Art of Freedom” from Culture.pl on Vimeo.

it’ very good movie… and after seeing things like this I am happy to be from the country with such amazing people/alpinists…

my stationary bike

I hate winters. It’s not even about cold but it’s getting dark so early. There is not much to do when I am back from work and it’s too dark to go out for a walk. I do climb but last months not so often as I used to do. I just felt I do not have enough exercises and I have to do something about that so a few months ago I decided to get a stationary bike.
I got the cheapest possible one in Decathlon.
In my case it was bike for around 100 euro. I didn’t want anything fancy.


Since one month I use it very regularly. I ride a bike always 15km… and depending on speed it takes 45-50 minutes. I do not bike only in those days when I go to climb.

I feel more energy… and other very good side effect is loosing calories. Since March last year I lost 11 kg, partly also because of bike and climbing… and now I can eat a lot and I am not getting fat.

Some of the people say that it’s very boring to ride a stationary bike.. but for me it’s not at all. Most of the time I watch movies, tv serials, listen to the music..

metallica’s concert in Quebec – gives good speed

and one more good concert which gives good speed- Anthrax, just scroll first part with talks…

My friend also started to bike and she did some blog about it.. which you can check under link. It’s in Polish but I think there should be some way to translate it.