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influential photographers – Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams Gallery website


Lemmy wanna be Cowboy

I found those two photos today on Pinterest. I wish to know who took them… to bad that most photographs online are from unknown source.

Lemmy, The Cowboy.

lemmy lemmy2

Ken Regan’s Rock & Roll Life

Produced by Stephen Menick. Edited by John Prete. Voiced by Craig Sechler.

Judas Priest on the Simpsons

JP is not death metal but the rest is cute…

and seems it’s not the first time when JP is mentioned in The SImpsons

Sons of Anarchy Custom Guitar Paint Job

I started to watch Sons of Anarchy one week ago and I am already at the end of the 4th season… here what I found… some nice art work

Sons of Anarchy as Minions

.. or Minions as Sons Of Anarchy



The Mötley Crüe Mini-Doc

Sons of Anarchy

I started to watch two tv serials a few days ago.. Sons of Anarchy  and Breaking Bad.. and today I just finished 1st season of Sons of Anarchy..

great music..


Thelma & Louise

Some joke I found online… Thelma&Louise is one of my fav movies…


Motorhead minions

Motörhead minions :)