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life… “I spend” and “inspiration”

My new watch I got “partly” from my boyfriend as the anniversary gift & Mango and Fashionology.nl bracelets

did I mention that Yosemite Lemmy finally got to me? :) Here it is…

and something about my current state of mind… thinking about changing my job… into something less stabile but more interesting…  If you don’t risk  anything you risk even more … it’s so true… nobody will live your life for you… I didn’t regret anything up till now and I don’t want to regret any lost chances… let’s see what life will bring :)



This weekend started really nice… on Friday I went to hairdresser (for free! :) we got at work some free vouchers)…
not only great that it was for free, but the woman who did haircut is the most cute hairdresser I have ever met. She has some special kind of chic…she is smart and full of energy and what is maybe the most important – she really listens what you want..
she asked me tons of questions how I care my about my hair, how I wash them, asked about my style and my activities and than.. cut my hair really perfectly… first hairdresser that really listen to you and don’t push her/his ideas… and… also those flowers… beautiful! aren’t they?

and one more photo with Dacia… cars I love! :)

instagram – McMici and Dracula

A little bit of Romanian spirit…I got this case for glasses a few days ago… and yes, it’s Vlad the Impaler  on it… Dracula…


….and this photo from Mc Donald… hmm… since a 2-3 days Romanian McDonald is offering McMici :) .. it’s mici transformed into fast food


spring wardrobe cleaning

Spring came…wrong… it’s 30 degrees each day… so no… Summer came and it’s time to put winter clothes away and make place for all my t-shirts, shorts and skirts… yesterday was labor day.. holiday to slow down and rest… but I feel exhausted. Yesterday was Ikea and cleaning day for me.. ok… plus cinema (Iron Man 3)…