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influential photographers – Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams Gallery website


Sons of Anarchy Custom Guitar Paint Job

I started to watch Sons of Anarchy one week ago and I am already at the end of the 4th season… here what I found… some nice art work

Amber Wheeler Draws Baby Son Into Fun Imaginary Adventures

 Amber Wheeler Draws Baby Son Into Fun Imaginary Adventures   via TAXI

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a few interesting links

This week I found a few interesting things:

Kim Joon’s work
Photo Series Of Cool Grannies Rocking Band Tees


inspiring things said in very unusual way

Sacred Skin

tattoo inspiration

Some images I found on pinterest (no idea who took this photos, as always, if yo know who, let me know and I will be happy to give link to blog or copyrigs) with tattoos…

pistol/gun tattoo.. placed exactly how I want it to be…


cross tattoo for atheist?


body make up/temporary tattoo

Temporaty tattoo done by Scott Campbell on this wife Lake Bell


and some skull make up… as with all randomly find images online, I don’t know who did this photo and make up.. if you know, let me know please and I will be happy to put copyrights


hmm… tattoo?

TATTOO… I was never considering getting one… and I am still not 100% sure about it.. mainly because there is some irony- I don’t want to have it visible, and I don’t want it not to have visible :) … one thing is against the other one… i know… but it’s how it really is :) I am considering tattoo with skull or gun…

Alex Binnie and Duncan X: The Art of Pain — Forever: The New Tattoo from Gestalten on Vimeo.

Also I have some believe that if you are not very thin girl, you will look in tattoos like truck driver… and I am not thin.. so I really want to avoid it :) Skinny model Freja (on photo) looks great with this gun tattoo (sorry, I don’t know whose photo it is, i would be as always more than happy to put copyrights if you know the photographer who took it)


There is also one thing what my friend was always saying… tattoos and piercing makes woman who feel they are not attractive… and maybe it’s something in it… it’s quite controversial to say like this, but I think it’s kind of true… I always felt good with myself (even with 10kg more), and I never took into consideration changing anything… is need getting tattoo some reaction that I do not accept myself anymore? I hope not, and if yes I hope idea of having tattoo will go away very soon and I will feel perfectly fine with myself again…

people – Tasya van Ree

writer, photographer, painter and stylish girl

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