my wish that will never come true

by godsavesispend


I was holding myself from posting link and those earings… but I a finally did it…
It’s not something I can not afford (they are in quite ok price on sale – 22 dollars), it’s something I just can not have because I live in Europe :(
I was trying to have it shipped to USA and buy with my credit card… but even getting it with European debet/credit card is not possible… only US citizens can get it… shi*** as hell! :(

it’s what the sent me as reply

“Thank you for reaching out to us here at OBEY. We truly appreciate all your support! Unfortunately we do not ship outside the United States and our system is unable to process non-U.S. credit cards. You can check the website under “Find a Retailer” it will give you a directory of all the stores near you that carry OBEY product. We hope to ship internationally in the future so please check back for changes. Hope this helps and thanks for the support.”

Retailers of course doesn’t have those earings… :(

It’s the last thing I want to advertise company that makes life so difficult but those earings are really cute… Does any company can make same?

and if you live in USA… enjoy and I am very jealous! :))