Iron Maiden concert in Romania

by godsavesispend

24th July, Bucuresti, Romania

I am posting a few photographs from Iron Maiden concert in Bucharest… It was of course identical concert as in Lodz.. my boyfriend says that Bruce was running much more yesterday… but I didn’t notice any difference… I just need to say that I like concerts in Romania and Bulgaria more because people even they drink a lot of beer are just behaving more “normal” and more friendly…

It was quite nice surprise to see somewhere in the crowd Polish flag. I am very curious if those people were Iron Maiden fans who came here only for the concert or were they people who live in the city. Bruce mentioned at the end that “in any case there are some Polish people in the crowd, Janick is Polish”… anyway, as wiki says he was born in Englan but as far as I checked his father was Polish and he used to spend his summer holidays in Poland. I found some info online that he hot his first guitar from his father in Zlotowa near Pila city.