“Shake Your Blood” by Probot (Dave Grohl feat. Lemmy – Song Review

by godsavesispend

Mouths For War


There really hasn’t been much new stuff to review lately (c’mon bands, make records faster dammit!) and there won’t be much until July/August anyway. Until then, I figured that our vault could do with another addition. This one coming from, in my honest and clearly life changing opinion, a hugely underrated project from one of rock’s household names. I speak of course of Probot. Spear-headed (by which I mean “drum, guitar and pretty much everything else-headed”) by Nirvana stick-man and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. The record ended up being a veritable “who’s-who?” of rock and metal royalty, but one track stood out amongst them as one of the ballsiest R’n’R songs I’d ever heard (and it wasn’t just because there were strippers in the video…shutup I was 15). Featuring Lemmy Kilmister and his signature growl on lead vocals (if you don’t know who he is then you should…

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