instagram update … beer and kindle

by godsavesispend

I am totally in love with my Kindle which I got a few days ago… There was always excuse that I don’t read.. book was too big, I was loosing last page when I was reading it, I had no place when I was traveling to take book/books… and now.. finally.. there is no excuse…


Kindle is small and I can have on it as many books as I have.. it “knows” where I stopped reading and I can even make notes on it… it’s just perfect… really one of the best things I got (I spend money on) lately :)

I finally tasted AC/DC beer. My boyfriend got it a few days ago. Those beer is ok, not amazing in any way… but for sure cool thing about it is that there is AC/DC on it…


and one more thing… I just got it today from person at work who was at Download Festival… I hope Iron Maiden beer will be soon distributed in Romania and I will be able to taste it …