my new purchase – Pantera t-shirts

by godsavesispend

Last month I was really careful with my expenses… Soon I will travel to Poland (including Iron Maiden concert) and later -in November – I go to Dortmund for Black Sabbath concert … a few concerts in Romania (Iron Maiden, Roger Waters.. and I am sure some more that I have no idea about yet)… so there will be quite a lot of money I will need to put into it… so…last money = almost.. yes, almost no shopping :) (a few weeks ago I got earings for less than 5 euro, but I will make another post about it soon… yes.. god saves and I spend ;))

Yesterday I got two Pantera t-shirts which I will see not earlier than in 3 weeks. One is for me and one for my boyfriend.


the one I got for my boyfriend


Pantera t-shirt I got for myself

and here is one I really liked to get for my boyfriend but he didn’t like it so much… but imo is awesome!


You can get all those t-shirts at Pantera store which is a bit expensive or at Good Rock shop (same t-shirts which Pantera store has for 25 dolars here you can get for max 18 dolars; also shipping is much cheaper).