Kavarna Rock Fest 2013!

by godsavesispend

We are back from Kavarna Rock Festival 2013. We went to see 4 concerts: Deep Purple, Thunder, Accept and Doro.


As far as my boyfriend says it was first time that this festival took place in June instead of  of July… and it was for sure not the best idea. Was very very cold.

We were planning to stay one more day at Vama Veche and sleep in the tent, but with this weather it doesn’t make sense.

I have to say that I liked the best Accept concert… later Doro, Deep Purple and at the end Thunder. I didn’t really take so many photographs this time and those which I took are very bad quality… but my boyfriend gave me permission to post  his photos. I like the most the one he took at Accept concert. It was taken by phone, but it’s very very nice (click to see bigger image).


Accept concert, Kavarna Rock Fest 2013


Deep Purple, Kavarna Rock Festival 2013


Doro, Kavarna Rock Festival 2013


Thunder, Kavarna Rock Festival 2013

and.. maybe hard to imagine.. we didn’t buy ANY SINGLE t-shirt :))))