Month: June, 2013

ready for Iron Maiden

I am ready for Iron Maiden concert in Lodz, Poland. It will be my first Iron Maiden concert… so I am really curious about it…

T-shirt I got almost two years ago from my boyfriend as christmas gift is ready, too :)


and when we are back… there is again Iron Maiden concert same month.. in Bucharest…

until now I managed to attend twice a few other bands’ concerts … it would be Motorhead (never enough of it of course), W.A.S.P, Slayer, Accept, Tim “Ripper” (I think that’s it)… and this year will be second of Anthrax also – they will play before Iron Maiden in Bucharest


books for kindle

I got my kindle one week ago.. and since that time I did read around 5 -6 books and I am right now reading 3 at once :)
It’s a really great thing…

There are some great books online on amazon or … if you will do a really good search you will find pfd files for free…

I noticed that it’s much easier to find books in Polish than English.. but WTF… (sorry ;)) how can you read Lemmy’s autobiography in Polish? It’s just not possible.. I did it… and I can assure you.. Lemmy’s language sounds right only when he “speaks” in his own language… if anyone translates “chicks” into “cipki” which means “pussies” it’s just wrong.. and it should have never happened!!!!


There is a list of some I got:
Overkill: The Untold Story of Motörhead (I am reading, good one but very similar to White Line Fever)
White Line Fever: Lemmy: The Autobiography  (I did read – good one!)
Iron Maiden- 30 Years of the Beast (I started but too many names and dates for this moment.. I will continue after I finish Overkill)
Judas Priest – Heavy Metal Pain Killers
Encyclopedia od Heavy Metal Music
I am Ozzy
Sound of the Beast
Tommyland (I did read – good one!)
Heroin Diaries

almost all Kapuscinski’s books
almost all Whiliam Wharton’s books
almost all Richard Dawkins’ books

exactly one more week until.. Iron Maiden in Lodz!

Steve Vai concert

One photo from yesterday’s Steve Vai and Evolution Tempo Orchestra concert in Bucharest…
not exactly my style of music, but wasn’t bad :)

World War Z

Yesterday I saw World War Z… it’s for sure one of the best movies I have ever seen and I am very impressed. I totally agree with review under this link

This movie grabs your attention… there was time I thought I will not be able to stand any more minutes huge tension.. and in the right moment I had time to rest and again action… amazing use of 3D…

and.. for sure some girl sitting next to me who started to make cross signs made me a bit relaxed because I started to laugh and I couldn’t stop.. crosses in the cinema.. possible only in Romania I think

Lemmy and cockroache

“If they drop a nuclear bomb on this planet, Lemmy and cockroaches is all that survives” says wisdom… but.. due to Lemmy’s health problems one after another concert is canceled.
Let’s hope it’s just a temporary problem and Lemmy will rock again… take care Lemmy!

Judas Priest Epitaph screening in the cinema

Today – a bit more than one year from concert from Epitaph tour which we have seen in Katowice – we went to Judas Priest Epitaph screening in the cinema… we booked place yesterday… hmm… it was not necessary as we learned today :))) … we were only people at this screening :)
I really liked it… in some ways was even better than at the concert…





Helloween – Where The Sinners Go Live @ Woodstock Festival Poland 2011

Helloween – Where The Sinners Go Live @ Woodstock Festival Poland 2011 from Helloween on Vimeo.

instagram update … beer and kindle

I am totally in love with my Kindle which I got a few days ago… There was always excuse that I don’t read.. book was too big, I was loosing last page when I was reading it, I had no place when I was traveling to take book/books… and now.. finally.. there is no excuse…


Kindle is small and I can have on it as many books as I have.. it “knows” where I stopped reading and I can even make notes on it… it’s just perfect… really one of the best things I got (I spend money on) lately :)

I finally tasted AC/DC beer. My boyfriend got it a few days ago. Those beer is ok, not amazing in any way… but for sure cool thing about it is that there is AC/DC on it…


and one more thing… I just got it today from person at work who was at Download Festival… I hope Iron Maiden beer will be soon distributed in Romania and I will be able to taste it …


some crazy idea just came to my mind

Yesterday some crazy idea came to my mind.. My friend who just went to Dowload and who I haven’t seen since two years I think gave me idea to meet in London at Saxon and Motorhead concert in November


flyer and ticket from last year’s concert at o2 Accademy in London: Motorhead and Anthrax

I feel so sorry listening to Ace of Spades from their last concert at Download festival.. now, when I know that he is so tired of singing it (book White Line Fever)… I really feel sorry :)