Brown Baggin’ It

by godsavesispend

have one from ZARA and I like it.. but when I put more things than just a wallet and keys inside it doesn’t stay closed… those magnets which holds it closed are not strong enough… so it’s very very nice.. looks great but it’s not to practical..

wandering muses

So first there was this:


Obviously I’d never spend $300 on a paper bag. But other designers responded with their own, leather versions. We have these by Anve:

This one by Stampd is leather…just in case you want to keep your forties both stylish and cozy:


Then there’s Marie Turnor. She’s got loads of styles. They are clearly unisex. And not ridiculous at all:

Zara‘s latest one is cheaper than all of them. There aren’t as many options in terms of size, shape and what-have-you, but at only $36…clearly not as painful a purchase to make.

I still think this is my favorite:


Until soon:


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