bandana! “god” bless online shopping

by godsavesispend

I got flu and I lay down in bed since two days. I shouldn’t really spend time on computer because I have also some eye infection and my eye is all red … but what to do all day?
I am so happy there is ebay! I was able to get something I really like not even leaving my bed :)

I was thinking about getting some black bandana like Hanne Gaby has (check last two photos in this post)  since a long time.. but  I didn’t want to get exactly the same one… and… yesterday I found perfect one!

It’s 100% officially licensed Motorhead Hammered Bandana (22 inches x 22 inches; 56 x 56cm).
You can get it only in a few places on internet (check ebay and  right now they have only 5 left).

I checked a few Polish online stores and Romanian one and everywhere they had it out of stock… in this kind of situations I just make a quick decision and I am ordering things :)


I think it will arrive in a few days. I can not wait to see it…