Month: March, 2013

Motorhead Ace of Spades album cover

I found online this lego version of Ace of Spades Motorhead album cover…



(I don’t know who did this lego, if you know, let me know and I will be more than happy to ask about permission to publish it on my website)

found online

Images are so small… because after pinterest did changes in settings/look of it’s website… it’s only way to copy embed code :(

if we talk about jewellery…

.. there is one more thing I really like… idea of beeing able to create your own bracelet…
I ordered a few charms (3 for myself and one for one of my best friends who will have birthday while I will visit my home in Poland)
I am sure you can find similar charms in non-polish shops. Anyway, I got them at Apart and W. Kruk.

Behind The Iron Curtain – Iron Maiden 1984 Poland

I found it on this blog

jewellery with eagle

I felt in love with that pendant with eagle. You can get expensive (silver) version from Camilla Prytz or cheaper (not silver) on ebay.


cute things

I do not have kids and I am not planing to have any in the near future.. but those things are soooooo cuuuuuteeee…
you can find them in those two stores:


Ozzy t-shirt

I found on TOSHOP website this nice OZZY t-shirt…


Kiss scarf

Vintage KISS scarf found on http://www.nastygal.com


why not for Samsung?

I am Samsung owner… and I am wondering why they do not do such cool things for Samsung users?

It’s Metallica Master of Puppets cassette iPhone 4/4s case… I am wondering if my next phone should be iPhone or Samsung…


You can get it at http://www.grindstore.com/

Megadeth concert in Bucharest and Mustaine on evolution

Posters informing about Megadeth concert are already hanging on the streets of Bucharest.


and if we speak about Megadeth… I am so amused about yesterday’s news what Mustaine thinks about evolution :)))
to read more click the photo…