Joe Petagno and Snaggletooth

by godsavesispend

Joe Petagno is an artist known for creating images used on rock album covers for bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Motörhead and other.

Joe Petagno created Motorhead’s Snaggletooth and as he said “The inspiration came from just being a naturally pissed-off bastard! And Lemmy’s the same way! So it was bound to be an alchemal wedding of a more “primordial nature”. I did a lot of research on skull types and found a cross-breed gorilla-wolf-dog combination would work nicely with some oversized boars horns. Lemmy added Helmet, chains, spit, spikes and grit”.

Joe talks about his awesome Motorhead cover artworks (second part is especially interesting)…

link to Joe Petagno’s website