if it’s too loud, then you’re too old

by godsavesispend

So it’s my first birthday gift (two more weeks to my birthday!) which I gave to myself ;) .. yeah in this case each reason would be same good as my birthday ;) …

first impressions



– it’s packed very nicely…I tested it at the shop so it’s was opened by shop-assistant… which I regretted later a bit… it would be so nice to just open it myself at home … I can image it’s a very nice thing for people who are really collecting Motorhead items… I just happened to like this band a lot but I am not collector of any kind of things



– it has perfect size for me… I wouldn’t like to walk around with huge headphones… I find it kitchy and peasantry; the Philips headphones which I already have are perfect for listening to music/tv when I am riding my stationary bike but a bit too big to wear out of the home (I would worry they bring too much attention)


– they do not so high-quality as I hoped but not so bad as in reviews I found online

– I hoped a bit more from “controlizer”… but I suppose it can be more useful with iPhone, with my Samsung with Android and my iPod I am able only to stop/play music and answer the phone but microphone doesn’t work with my phone; with my Mac I can stop/play + adjust the volume

– those headphones will keep my ears warm in the winter ;)

– I really like the cable!!! very nice quality

– sound… I need to listen to the music more… I had no time yesterday… but as far as I checked sounds good and they are REALLY laud  “if it’s too loud, then you’re too old” (Lemmy)… I just tested it on Judas Priest… and I think I am getting too old… I had to put volume  in half of it’s power