window shopping

by godsavesispend

I went to check a few things in the shops yesterday.. actually I wanted to get socks and earrings (which I didn’t find).. but I saw those nice KISS sweatshirt and AC/DC t-shirt… and some yellow pants…

I took some photos with my phone.. at home I realized I used the smallest resolution and.. they are just like this..


AC/DC t-shirt, I think it was around 10 euro, h&m

I got only one thing – this ac/dc t-shirt…my size was too LARGE, so I got 34 size.. I think it’s first (and probably last) so small size in my warderobe…


KISS sweatshirt, around 15-18 euro, h&m

… KISS sweatshirt needs to wait for me until sales will come.. I like it a lot but I don’t really have so much places to wear it + I have too many sweatshirts and sweathers… I hope nobody will buy it and I will be able to get it for 5 euro… the good thing is that KISS is not so famous among girls in Romania… so!.. let’s hope it will be someday on SALE :)