haircut and color

by godsavesispend

Next Thursday I finally plan to go to hairdresser. There is very nice girl Raluca who cuts my hair perfectly… exactly the way I want. I have always problem to trust two kinds of people – dentists and hairdressers. There was even a joke that for hairdresser 1 cm is like 10 cm and they always cut to short… It’s really hard to trust them… but it’s not the case with Raluca. I never brought any photo with hairstyle I want and she always cuts it well… She speaks only very basic English, exactly as much as I can speak Romanian.. so VERY little … we don’t really talk too much.

This time I am going to trust her also with color. Each time before I was bringing my paint but I think this time I will just see what she will propose.

I think color and hairstyle more or less like this one below will work the best. It’s from Isabel Marant fashion show… not so big difference.. almost same hairstyle as I have but a bit brighter hair than I have right now.