by godsavesispend

I am not Romanian but I live in Bucharest in Romania since two years…

Voltaj (which means voltage in Romanian) is a Romanian pop-rock group. It’s impossible for me to listen to their new songs… but what they did in past is really amazing.

As wiki says “Founded in 1982, Voltaj proved to have a personality too strong for the communist regime of that time and some people even considered the band a “danger” for the society. In their early days Voltaj had a totally different musical style than today. Genres like hard rock, heavy metal and speed metal made the band famous in the early 90’s.”

I love this video….

Ochii tai

don’t they look amazing?

and more good old songs…

Singur cu soarta

Nori de hartie voltaj

Cenusa si diamant


Arsita noptii

Armata ta