Last Year’s Concerts … Eric Sardinas

by godsavesispend

Eric Sardinas at Silver Church in Bucuresti, Romania on 11th October 2012.

It was VERY good concert… not only music was great but the atmosphere was amazing… everyone had a lot of fun. Eric makes a great show. I have to admit it.

ticket for Eric Sardinas concert at Silver Church, Bucuresti, Romania, 11 Oct 2012 © Aga Luczakowska

ticket for Eric Sardinas concert at Silver Church, Bucuresti, Romania, 11 Oct 2012
© Aga Luczakowska

Unfortunately  that good impression about this concert is partly gone… next day after  the concert I saw my photo (which I posted on twitter) posted on Eric’s FB website without any copyright caption and without my permission… I have nothing against posting my photos if someone politely ask me to do it or someone put my copyrights but in this case it was just rude…

I do not attend concert for free, I paid money to listen this music, and I think it should work other way around.. I do not want money for it, but at least a bit respect (ironic that my photo was posted with title RESPECT tradition).

I sent private message to his fan page:

You used my photo without my permission and will.
As I said, I do not have problem with it, but i think you should put at least copyrights..
I do not use songs for free in my slideshows and I do not enter concerts for free.. so please, if you want to use my photo put caption.”

I got reply:

“This photo was posted by Dani passattie since when do we need to ask for copyrights on Eric’s personal page. No thanks we won’t use your photos At all. (…). I will be speaking to Eric on this in a few minutes. We will take this photo off and make sure nothing of yours comes up again.”

As my friend commented it… there are two ways of dealing with fans/problems – being polite or being asshole.

Too bad.

What makes vocalist/band great is not only music I suppose ….but also attitude. Everyone loved Dio and loves Lemmy because they are just nice people.  Maybe it was just some moron who replied and didn’t even put signature under e-mail.

Eric Sardinas FB page

Eric Sardinas FB page with my photo posted without any caption and permission