my band t-shirts – Motorhead

by godsavesispend

Let’s start with Motorhead…

my motorhead t-shirts

my motorhead t-shirts

1. I bought it on ebay for around $15 (left).
I like colors.. but my boyfriend doesn’t like print on it.. I promised I will wear it only at concerts and only with his permission.. of course I need to write some application before ;)

2. Lemmy – 49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch. I bought it after Motorhead concert in London at 02 academy in London on 17th Nov 2012 (around 10£).
Unfortunately the best t-shirts are always only for men, so I got size S and I cut it a bit. It’s always much bigger selection for men… but from the other hand I am not so surprised.. i didn’t see so many girls at their concerts.

3. I bought it for 3£ from my friend in London.
My friend Agnieszka got two Motorhead t-shirts on ebay. She didn’t like this one so much so I bought it from her. Size SX and… again…I cut it a bit around the neck… and this price 3£