Last Year’s Concerts… Motorhead and Anthrax in London

by godsavesispend

I will post some images and tickets from concerts from 2012.

1,5 year ago I had no idea about music.. at least not about Rock’n’roll and Metal. I knew I like some stronger sounds… but… if you would ask me about metal I knew only Rammstein (which I didn’t like and still I am not fan of it.. probably mostly because of German language which I do not like) Metallica (which I was not familiar with) and Behemoth (it’s probably one of the most known Polish bands abroad) … things changed a bit when I met by boyfriend. My first memories from our dates are with him playing the newest Anthrax album in his car…

I started to go with him to concerts …and.. from one concert to another one I started to like it more and more…

So.. let’s count down all concert I attended last year.

Motorhead and Anthrax at 02 academy in London on 17th Nov 2012.

We were not sure if we will be able to go to London (I didn’t really have any holidays left and we were not so sure about money)… so we didn’t get tickets until 7th of September. When on 7th of September (still.. it was more than 2 months before the concert) I decided to start to search for them.. we were not able to buy them via internet (my card was rejected and we had some other problems, I don’t really remember what exactly it was but it was just not possible to get them via internet). But! … We have friends in London. I contacted them and they got for themselves and for us last 4 (out of last 5) tickets for the concert!!!!!


ticket for Motorhead and Anthrax © Aga Luczakowska

Two very bad quality images from this concert…


Athrax at o2 academy Brixton, London, UK 17th Nov 2012

I just love this beggining… “we are Motorhead and we play rock’n’roll”) and Anthrax in London at Academy o2 Brixton…


Motorhead at o2 academy Brixton, London, UK 17th Nov 2012

ps. I came back with one Anthrax t-shirt which I got from my boyfriend and one Lemmy t-shirt which I got for myself!